How We Serve The Market

ISI's mission of helping to protect families through easy, accessible and trustworthy life insurance solutions is reflected in the way in which we serve our markets.

We provide a range of ways for consumers to learn about and buy life insurance - this includes independent advisors, telesales, digital direct, and distribution partners.

Additionally, we partner with a range of carrier and reinsurance partners to help us offer a variety of product options to meet a variety of ages, health needs, application preferences, and pricing preferences.


We have over 400 licensed life insurance advisors ready to take your call and help you learn about life insurance and purchase the right solution to meet your and your family's needs. Leveraging our personnel and technology expertise, we are able to help customers explore the best solution, with an emphasis on ease and accessibility, in a trusting environment.

Independent Advisors

ISI / Specialty Life serves BGA/MGAs, and their independent advisors,
in partnership to provide life insurance accessibility to as many customers as we can. We power our independent advisors with the product, education, and technology solutions to help them meet their customers' needs.

Distribution Partners

ISI works with an assortment of organizations, associations, and service providers who partner with us to help offer a comprehensive set of products and embedded solutions to meet their customer, member, or client needs. They recognize that an easy, accessible, trustworthy life insurance program provides a service to their members, and have partnered with us to support their association needs as well as those of their members.

Carrier Partners

ISI partners with a number of life insurance carriers, across different countries and markets, to ensure we are offering the best array of product solutions. Each carrier partner is similarly partnering on our mission toward enabling easy, accessible, and trustworthy life insurance solutions to serve our customers.
Our carrier partners include Humania in Canada, as well as EMC and American Amicable in the US.