Our Technological Advantage

Reimagining the way that insurance can be delivered through modern technology.

Driving unparalleled technological innovation: that is a foremost focus at Insurance Supermarket International Inc.

Are we content with the status quo? No.

Insurance Supermarket International Inc. pushes the boundaries in which technology can make drastic improvements to the world of financial protection; we continue to reinvent the global insurtech space and reimagine the way that life insurance is administered.

By investing in proprietary technology developed by our in-house teams across the world, we’re using our technology advantage to revolutionize the lives of our customers, advisors, and partners across the board.

Learn about some of the tools that we’ve developed to bring insurance to the 21st century.


Jet Evolution NoMed Intelligent Engine™

Revolutionary in the insurance space, Jenie is our ever-evolving, agile AI and
real-time virtual underwriter.

Jenie™ offers fine-tuned unparalleled underwriting accuracy. In a life insurance industry first, a modernized risk assessment logic path enables complete underwriting in just under 45 minutes compared to a 90-day traditional underwriting process used by traditional insurance companies.

Integrated with features such as speech technology, Jenie™ assesses individualized sequences tailored to every applicant. Sophisticated, innovative technology provides the safest true no medical outcome seen in AI to date.


A proprietary, state-of-the-art dialer was custom-made to enhance the ISI customer experience and to facilitate a high volume of call traffic.

As part of our commitment to customer servicing, ISI has outfitted our call centers and client-facing teams with the latest advanced telephony-related technology. Our latest dialer system streamlines the customer experience to eliminate redundancies, reduce customer wait times, and routes callers directly to the best available licensed Life Insurance Advisor or call center agent.

iApplication 2.0

iApplication 2.0 is ISI’s in-house scalable solution serving as a platform for Canadian licensed insurance agents in insurance product sales.

An all-in-one quotation, contracting, and appointment management software, iApplication allows agents to digitally manage client appointments, generate quotes, and complete the full application process virtually.

This software is a free resource as part of the ISI Ultimate Leads Program, and is included in part of the contracting process to get started with the program.

In-House Backoffice System

Our unique internal solution for our U.S back-office case management system allows our operations to scale our growth while remaining agile. Our tech stack and flexible integrations allow multiple functional areas to have a 360 degree view of the client with updates made in real-time.

New products are launched quickly from development to availability; underwriting rules are configured with ease. We provide multi-channel support for home office, agents, brokers, direct-to-consumer and tele-sales.

Thanks to our iterative approach to building our agile in-house back office system, we are able to continuously add new features and remain ahead of industry security and compliance requirements.

ISI CRM Dashboard

Created and developed solely in-house, the ISI CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Dashboard is a central 360° view of clients and leads. The ISI CRM Dashboard delivers comprehensive analytics tracking in lead production verification, volume, sources, duplicates, and sales production. It is used in
cross-departmental capacity, and also tracks a wide variety lead data points.