What We Do

We are in the business of helping North Americans achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. We offer a full range of trusted digital life insurance and investment products that put our clients’ needs first.

Through insurtech innovation, we honour the ISI commitment to bringing cutting-edge, straightforward, and accessible solutions to our customers — helping to bring long-term financial wellbeing and reducing financial exposure to families across North America.

We have provided digital life insurance solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers, totaling more than 15 billion dollars in life insurance coverage for our customers. This is done by working with only the top partners and advisors. We’re proud of the trust we’ve built through the products we provide, the services we offer, and the reliability assurance that comes with our name.

Through the impact of our operations, our clients, partners, and advisors can remain confident that they have a trusted financial partner.

Innovative technology. Practical products. A meaningful difference.

Our Vision

To increase ownership of life insurance, making it possible for as many North Americans to achieve financial security and the peace of mind it brings.

A Better, Financially Secure Future

We see a future of financial security for billions of people worldwide. Every day, Insurance Supermarket International Inc. makes an impact to reduce the number of financially exposed families. Through our customer journeys, we strive to increase consumer financial literacy and emphasize the importance of proactive planning.

ISI’s vision is to bring financial security and peace of mind to those who may otherwise not be able to obtain it elsewhere. We strongly believe that financial protection should be made possible to all; not simply those who tick off a certain number of checkboxes!

A Leader in Technical Innovation

Our vision is to be a leading force that brings insurance into the
21st century.

Leveraging the latest proprietary technology, we augment traditional insurance coverage while eliminating redundancies, streamlining processes, and creating a powerful insurtech machine that sets a precedent worldwide.

As we innovate the way we help consumers navigate health and financial protection, we seek to create modern workable solutions that will reimagine — and reinvent — the world of insurance.

Our Mission

To help families protect themselves by making life insurance easy, accessible, and trustworthy.

Partners in our journey include our teammates, agents/advisors, carriers/reinsurers, and other distribution partners, with whom we share our core values, and without whose alliance we would be unable to achieve our mission.

We will help to meet customer needs with an emphasis on:
  • Ease – enabling a smooth and positive of experience, purchasing, and servicing their product.
  • Accessibility – increasing access to a range of products, with accommodating parameters, offered via multiple distribution channels.
  • Trust – earning and sustaining trust in all customer interactions through our agents/advisors, teammates, websites, and partners.

Putting Our Mission in Practice

Insurance Supermarket International Inc.’s mission is for our clients and their families to achieve financial security.

Obtaining financial protection should be simple, quick, and financially sustainable — a belief we have designed all of our products and processes around.

Regardless of age, health, or occupation, our mission is to offer a wide variety of coverage options that suit the needs of our clients.

We continuously innovate when it comes to life insurance coverage.
That means we change and adapt in accordance with the needs of real people — providing the market with the right solutions for real customers.

As such, our products include guaranteed and no medical life insurance products that provide effective insurance solutions to seniors, individuals with critical health conditions, and beyond.

We aim to understand your needs, and we are here to support you.

Our Values

Responsible and ethical management has been an intrinsic value of Insurance Supermarket International Inc. since the very beginning. For us, it is essential to our long-term profitability and value creation.

In our eyes, it is important to do everything in our capacity to help the world become healthier, financially resilient, prosperous, and environmentally secure.

Financial Sustainability

ISI helps to advance the long-term financial stability of our customers by providing lifetime protection plans. From helping to maintain a standard of living for one’s family to securing nest eggs for future generations, our products have helped hundreds of thousands of families across generations to secure their financial future.

We believe financial protection products should facilitate long-term financial wellbeing — not hinder it. That’s why we work with numerous top global providers to deliver the best, most affordable, and flexible solutions that work today, tomorrow, in the next 20 years, and beyond.


Insurance Supermarket International Inc. works hard to continuously minimize our strain on the environment.

We apply our commitment to respecting the environment and taking a balanced, sustainable approach to everything we do. This includes understanding and proactively addressing the impact of climate change on our business and the world around us.

With online applications, no paperwork, and a streamlined virtual underwriting process, we have dramatically reduced the size of our ecological footprint in recent years. In addition, we support environmental causes and are constantly on the lookout for local green initiatives to support within our communities.

Equality & Health

At Insurance Supermarket International Inc., we deeply believe in fostering equality. We demonstrate our values through being an equal opportunity employer and welcoming employees of all ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, and physical abilities.

We also actively promote healthier lives through the promotion and advocacy of healthy living and mental health awareness. Our wide range of Disability and Critical Illness products provide real and meaningful long-term support for the health of our customers.

Compliance & Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of compliance and ethics. At every level and subsidiary at our company, we hold ourselves accountable for upholding the ethical culture of ISI.

At Insurance Supermarket International Inc., our reputation as an ethical and trustworthy company is our most valued asset. We consistently aim to go above and beyond the standards of operation and ethics that the insurance industry has set: this is our promise to our customers, partners, and investors.