Insurance Supermarket International Inc.

Insurance Supermarket International Inc. is a leading North American provider of insurance and a leader in digital life insurance and insurtech innovation.

Operating worldwide, Insurance Supermarket International Inc. operates through a network of offices including Toronto, Canada; Miami, U.S.A.; and Brasov, Romania, with a team of over 700 globally.

Over 150,000 families currently rely on Insurance Supermarket International Inc. for financial security. Insurance Supermarket International Inc. has established itself as the leading digital life insurance player and as one of the very few that has successfully scaled its business in multiple countries and languages. The company has also been meaningfully expanding its operations into the U.S. along with its carrier and reinsurance partners, while maintaining a key focus on providing easy and affordable access to life insurance for everyone.

Insurance Supermarket International Inc. uses proprietary technology to provide a full spectrum of personal protection and investment products to customers in the U.S. and Canada. Through our machine learning platform, Insurance Supermarket International Inc. can bind policies in real-time, for same-day-issue, settlement, and commission. At Insurance Supermarket International Inc., our mission is to use its innovative technology platform to democratize individual life insurance and make the process simple and affordable for all.

Insurance Supermarket International Inc. works closely with a comprehensive list of leading, trusted insurance providers​. Our guiding philosophy is to provide real and meaningful insurance protection to families through simplified products while working alongside our advisors, partners, and investors.
Insurance Supermarket International Inc. comprises of the following companies and subsidiaries:

Specialty Life Insurance is ISI’s own licensed carrier of personal insurance coverage. Started in 2015, the majority of Insurance Supermarket's policies sold within Canada are provided by Specialty Life Insurance, in-house, directly.

SLi is backed by the world’s leading reinsurance and insurance-based risk transfer providers.. We have a distinct mission: providing digital insurance in a way never done before. With internal R&D, machine learning AI, and cutting-edge proprietary technology, we bring personal financial protection to the 21st century.

Today, Specialty Life Insurance provides streamlined, effective, modern financial protection to hundreds of thousands of Canadians coast-to-coast.

Founded in Brasov, Romania in 2015, DMatrix Soft specializes in full-service web development and software design. With teams based across Europe, DMatrix Soft develops efficient and effective technology solutions that facilitate growth within Insurance Supermarket International, in addition to lending expertise in third party partner projects.

With a philosophy of highly agile and scalable implementation methodology, workable solutions, and high-efficiency systems, DMatrix Soft delivers seamless back-end and front-end experiences to ISI’s technology-driven platform services and distribution channels.