how to get life insurance on a parent.

How to Get Life Insurance on an Aging Parent

Published August 17, 2023

As your parents enter their golden years, it becomes more critical than ever to ensure they have adequate financial protection. The most efficient way to provide this protection is to get life insurance on a parent. Yet many adult children do not know how to approach this delicate topic or navigate the process at all.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to get life insurance on a parent. We'll discuss the need for life insurance for seniors, its benefits, and the best way to approach your parents about it. With the right information at hand, you can help secure your parent's future without imposing a burden on your finances.

Let's begin.

Identifying the Need: Why Get Life Insurance for Your Parent?

Many individuals question the necessity of life insurance for seniors, especially if they are retired and their children are financially independent. The truth is, there are multiple reasons why your elderly parent might need life insurance, particularly to cover final expenses or leave an inheritance.

The death of a parent not only triggers emotional turmoil but often results in unanticipated financial expenses. Decent funerals can be pricey, not to mention any lingering medical bills or debts. Having a life insurance policy in place can provide financial protection and ease this burden.


Son discussing the importance of getting life insurance for his elderly mother.


Navigate the Parameters: Guidelines to Get Life Insurance on a Parent

Once you've identified the need, it's vital to understand the existing rules before you get life insurance on a parent. Firstly, your parent needs to be actively involved in the process. It's illegal to purchase a life insurance policy without their knowledge and consent. Also, your parent must be mentally capable of understanding the insurance contract implications.

Next, you must demonstrate 'insurable interest', meaning you would suffer financial loss in the event of your parent's death. This ensures the policyholder doesn't benefit more from someone's death than their life, which can lead to ethical dilemmas.

Ultimately, the objective should be to provide financial protection and not for the purpose of gaining profit.


Daughter reassuring her elderly father about the benefits of life insurance.


Choosing the Right Coverage: Assessing Your Parent's Insurance Needs

Before you select a policy, it's essential to assess your parent's needs and financial state accurately. Understand their existing debts, future expenses, income sources, and savings. Moreover, you also need to understand their personal preferences. Some may want to leave behind an inheritance or donation, while others might need to cover a mortgage or medical bills. Ideally, their preferences should be specified in a will to ensure they're taken care of.

Be sure to take into account the premiums they can afford and the impact of their health status on insurance rates. For instance, guaranteed issue plans, like Final Expense Plans offered by Insurance Supermarket, accept applicants regardless of health status, for absolute peace of mind.


Family discussing the different insurance needs and suitable coverage.


Starting the Conversation: How to Approach Your Parent

One of the toughest parts of getting life insurance on a parent is starting the conversation. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Focus on their wishes: Talk about what they want in terms of final expenses, inheritances, outstanding debts, or donations and how life insurance can help achieve those.
  • Be open about costs: Have a discussion about funeral costs and other expenses that they might not want to leave behind for the family to deal with.
  • Discuss shared outcomes: Reinforce the fact that life insurance isn't for their benefit alone—it's for the financial protection of the whole family.

Remember, it’s a sensitive topic, so approach it with empathy, and be patient.


Adult daughter having an empathetic conversation with her elderly mother about life insurance.



Helping your parent get life insurance is both a sensitive and necessary endeavor. It's crucial to discuss their needs, consider multiple insurance options, and be patient during the decision-making process. Through educational conversations and careful planning, you can help secure your parent’s financial future and protect your family’s financial well-being.



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