Statistics Canada released a new report outlining health in Canada. Generally, things are looking good for Canadians, but not without some notable differences compared to the previous decade. In this article, we’ll run you through this new report and tell you why the new developments in Canadians’ health matters for you and your family. 

The Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic really threw a wrench in Canadian lifespans. For the past 20 years, Canadian life expectancy has steadily increased. But since 2020, when the pandemic reached Canada, there has been an increase in mortality rate among Canadians of 7.7%.

COVID-19 made vulnerable Canadians even more vulnerable to premature death, which explains the increase in mortality since 2020.

Interestingly, Statistics Canada also found that the COVID-19 period also saw an increase in substance-related deaths, like drug overdoses. The reasons are unclear, but it could be because of lockdowns and the change of lifestyle Canadians had to go through.

Causes of Death in Canada

The report found that the 10 leading causes of death in Canada were, in order:

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. COVID-19
  4. Accidental deaths
  5. Cerebrovascular diseases
  6. Chronic respiratory diseases
  7. Diabetes
  8. The flu and pneumonia
  9. Alzheimer’s
  10. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis

Cancer and heart disease account for more deaths than the other 7 causes put together.

Interestingly, men accounted for a larger proportion of the mortality rate of every single category. Men in general can expect to live about 4 years less than women in Canada (79.5 to women’s 84.0).


Chronic Illnesses

The study found that lung cancer, which is the most killing cancer in Canada, has greatly decreased since the previous decade, especially among males. This is great news, and is likely explained by the shrinking popularity of cigarettes and tobacco products in general.

However, the study also found that other chronic conditions were increasing among Canadians:

Multimorbidity, which is when a person has multiple chronic illnesses (for example, diabetes and heart disease), was reported to be most among lower income Canadians. Higher income Canadians tended to be healthier, according to the study.


Activity Levels and Nutrition

Statistics Canada claims that the Canadian youth is not exercising enough. Canadians above the age of 12 are seeing a decline in physical activity, as well as a decrease in the quality of their diets.

This is especially true for teenagers, who saw their activity levels decrease by 14% between 2015 and 2021. A majority of children were also found to not be meeting their recommended 60 minutes of daily activity.

For adults, the results were a bit more optimistic. The report showed a decrease in heavy drinking by about 4 percentage points. Smoking (both daily and occasional) also decreased by a whopping 6 percentage points.


Conclusion: What This Means for You

What we can learn from this new report is that while Canadians can still expect to live a long and healthy life, things are slightly trending downward. While a lot of this trend can be explained by the impact of COVID-19, we can’t just hold COVID-19 responsible for all the developments in Canaidans’ health.

One thing that is clear from the report is that Canadians aren’t taking as good care of their health as they could be. Substance-related deaths are on the rise, exercise and diet patterns are getting worse (but at least tobacco use is going down!).

While you might not be able to control whether you get a chronic disease like cancer, you can definitely control your health and your diet. Taking steps toward having a healthier lifestyle is the best thing you can do to go against Canada’s decreasing life expectancy trend!

Life Insurance With Insurance Supermarket

Working toward improving your health has more perks than just life expectancy. When it comes to life insurance, being as healthy as you can be is the best way to reduce your premiums and get the best possible deal out of your policy.

And if you suffer from a chronic illness (like more and more Canadians, according to the report), there’s no need to worry. We offer guaranteed issue life insurance policies that you can qualify for regardless of your health. We also have critical illness plans that are made to deal with having a serious condition like heart disease or cancer.


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Are you considering the benefits of a Final Expense plan for your family's financial future? If so, you're certainly heading in the right direction. Moreover, it's important to know that this doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Getting final expense insurance quotes, in fact, is simpler than you might imagine. Particularly, this becomes a breeze when you're working with the skilled experts from ISI.

In this blog post, you'll find a simple, step-by-step guide on how to get accurate final expense insurance quotes directly from ISI's online platform. Plus, find out what sets us apart in the insurance market, ensuring you're making an informed decision every time.

Understanding Your Needs Before Requesting an Insurance Quote

Every journey towards financial protection begins with understanding your needs. Factors such as your age, health, lifestyle, financial obligations, dependents, and final wishes all play a role in determining the coverage you need from your final expense insurance plan. Carefully considering these factors ensures you select the coverage that aligns best with your personal circumstances and protects your loved ones from any financial burdens.

Key Factors to Consider When Determining Your Insurance Needs

Examining these factors allows you to have a solid grasp of your final expense needs and helps set the right expectations when procuring final expense insurance quotes.


Understanding your health is a key factor in determining your insurance needs.


ISI's Insurance Calculator – Your Guide to Understanding Your Insurance Needs

To further facilitate your understanding of the coverage you need, we provide a handy online tool – ISI's Insurance simple insurance coverage Calculator. This easy-to-use calculator factors into account your income, expenses, savings, and future financial obligations to help you estimate the coverage amount necessary for your unique situation. It's a simple and effective way to start your journey towards financial security.

In short, it's important to invest the time to truly understand your insurance needs. By doing so, you ensure your final expense insurance quote is personalized to your lifestyle. And in turn, you offer your loved ones the financial protection they deserve with no extra costs.


A senior citizen looking at final expense insurance quotes on a laptop.


The Simplified Process of Obtaining Insurance Quotes with ISI

At ISI, we appreciate how crucial ease and speed are in the decision-making process. So, we ensure that our clients can retrieve their final expense insurance quotes without any unnecessary hassle. To achieve this, we've refined our procedure to three straightforward steps.

Here's a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of our simplified procedure:

Step 1: Enter Basic Information via Online Questionnaire

To start things off, our online platform presents you with a fuss-free questionnaire. Here, we gather necessary details about your lifestyle and life stage. These include factors like your gender, date of birth, smoking status, and residency status.

Providing accurate and honest responses is vital at this stage as your inputs have a direct influence on the terms and cost of your potential insurance policy.

Step 2: Consultation with Our Friendly Advisors

Next, one of our advisors will get in touch with you. These dedicated teams of professionals are the heart of ISI and contribute significantly to the simplicity of our process. Over a brief, friendly conversation, you'll answer a few simple questions relevant to your insurance needs and preferences.

Via this dialogue, our advisors can guide you to the most suited policy options for your requirements—ensuring your policy is tailored perfectly to you.

Step 3: Get Your Policy Within 48 Hours

Having concluded the consultation, our team promptly begins the underwriting process. We understand the time-sensitivity of financial security and strive to deliver at unprecedented speeds. As such, you'll typically receive your policy within 48 hours of finalizing your quote.

In exceptional situations, the processing time may be slightly more extended. However, rest assured that we diligently adhere to our timelines and will always endeavour to ensure your policy is delivered as efficiently as possible.


Senior couple having a look at their Final Expense application.


Why ISI for Final Expense Insurance Quotes

In essence, navigating insurance doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. With ISI, your journey to securing final expense insurance is as straightforward as one-two-three.

Once you have your insurance quote from ISI, you will notice the difference. Equipped with accurate, personalised insurance quotes and unparalleled customer support, you'll be ready to make informed decisions regarding your family's financial future promptly.


In the end, obtaining an insurance quote with ISI couldn't be easier. With our fast, convenient online tool that doesn't require tedious paperwork, and our online coverage calculator, we made the complex task of securing life insurance incredibly straightforward.



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Ease your way into the insurance decision-making process with ISI's online Final Expense insurance quote. Receive all the information you need and ensure that you are making an informed decision tailored to your unique situation.

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In Canada, rejecting a job applicant on the basis of their age or health counts as grounds for discrimination. And that’s a good thing! 

Unfortunately, when it comes to life insurance, there is no such rule. Due to your age, health conditions, family history, or even things such as your job or hobbies, you can be denied from traditional life insurance. If you’re reading this, you may have already faced rejection from an insurance company. 

But good news: that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re uninsurable! Quite the opposite, you may find that a guaranteed-issue policy is just the right fit for you.

In this article, we’ll go over what guaranteed-issue policies are, their pros and cons, and why you could benefit from a guaranteed-issue life insurance policy.

So, sit back and let us introduce you to the wonders of guaranteed-issue Life Insurance.

Who Are Guaranteed-Issue Plans For?

With traditional life insurance policies like term and permanent life plans, not everyone who wants them can get them. They are more strict with their eligibility requirements, and it’s common for  candidates to be disqualified due to age, health, or other criteria.

Guaranteed-issue plans circumvent this problem by removing these strict eligibility requirements, making financial protection accessible to those who need it most. At Insurance Supermarket,anyone applying for a guaranteed-issue life insurance policy can qualify for it, with the only requirement being that they are a Canadian resident and are between the ages of 18-74. It’s that simple! This makes it an ideal alternative if you’ve been denied from traditional policies but still want financial protection.

Senior couple enjoying affordable life insurance

The Power of Guaranteed-Issue Life Insurance

Consider the following benefits that come with a guaranteed-issue Life Insurance plan:

No Medical Exam Required

Guaranteed-issue Life Insurance policies require zero medical exams or health inquiries. That makes them ideal for those with pre-existing medical conditions who might find it hard to secure coverage otherwise. Remember, we believe everyone deserves peace of mind, and we're here to make that happen.

Coverage for Your Final Expenses

One of the main draws of a guaranteed-issue policy is the security it provides in the face of final expenses. Our Final Expense Plan can cover costs up to $50,000 including burial expenses, probate fees, outstanding bills, or even to leave behind a financial legacy.

Tax-free Lump Sum

A great advantage that life insurance has is that the payout you get from it is almost always tax-free (barring some cases). Having access to a big sum of money without having to worry about paying taxes on it is a great way to plan for your future. 

Alternatives to Consider

If you are relatively young and/or have few pre-existing health conditions, Simplified Term Life Insurance can be another option to secure your financial future. These policies offer comprehensive coverage at a lower rate, and require a health questionnaire. A happy medium between a traditional Term Life Insurance plan and a Guaranteed-Issue plan, Simplified-issue policies require a medical questionnaire but remove the burden of a medical exam during the application process.

Drawbacks of Guaranteed-Issue

Just with any other life insurance plan, there are some disadvantages to guaranteed-issue plans  you should be aware of.

Old couple looking at affordable life insurance options

Higher Premiums

Guaranteed-issue plans have no medical underwriting process due to having no medical requirements. This means you’re guaranteed to be accepted, but at the cost of giving less information to your insurer.

With less precise information, your provider will have a hard time properly assessing how much they think you should pay in premiums. This usually means they’ll lean on the higher side of things.

Less Coverage

Guaranteed-issue plans are almost always smaller than traditional life insurance policies. At Insurance Supermarket, our Guarantee-issue policies go up to $50,000 in coverage, higher than many of our competitors.

Waiting Periods

All guaranteed-issue plans come with a waiting period (generally around 2 years). During the waiting period, you’ll be paying premiums but you won’t have access to your death benefit. Should you pass away during the waiting period, your death benefit will not be paid out to your beneficiaries.

Insurance Supermarket reimburses all premium payments in the event of a death during the waiting period.


Why Opt for Guaranteed-Issue Life Insurance?

An ideal insurance plan should fit like a glove to meet your individual needs. And that’s the beauty of guaranteed-issue life insurance; it’s designed for those concerned about possible disqualification due to health or age. With this plan in your hands, you’re guaranteed to get coverage. No medical examinations, no health questions, just uncomplicated insurance coverage.

Moreover, our plans ensure that you leave no financial burden on your loved ones when you pass away. With the ability to cover up to $50,000 in a tax-free lump sum payout, it's an affordable safety net that promises peace of mind.

Senior couple taking into consideration personal factors to choose the right Final Expense Plan.


Guaranteed-issue life insurance can be your lifeline in the realm of insurance. It’s there for you when you might have doubts about securing life insurance due to health and age concerns. If you want something affordable that won’t turn you away due to age and health, our specially designed Final Expense Plans are here for you.

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Let's simplify it together. Secure your peace of mind today with a guaranteed-issue policy from us. Because everyone deserves a safety net, and we’re here to help you build yours.


Say Goodbye to Disqualifications With Guaranteed Issue Policies At Insurance Supermarket

Ready for the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed-issue life insurance? Look no further. Choose a policy designed for you, with guaranteed acceptance regardless of age or health. Be it for Term Life Insurance or Final Expense plans, we've got you covered.


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As we age, many of us often muse over what we'll leave behind for our loved ones, particularly in terms of financial burdens. Final Expense insurance, also known as burial or funeral insurance, is a practical solution to alleviate these potential costs, but how do we determine who needs Final Expense Insurance?

In this blog post, we'll delve into why people opt for Final Expense Plans, who could benefit the most from it, and why it might be a sensible step for you, regardless of your health status or age. Let's clear up the process of securing your family's fiscal stability.

Final Expense Insurance: Benefitting beyond Age and Health

Final Expense Insurance isn’t solely about your age or health condition. Rather, it's about safeguarding your family from unwelcome financial burdens, such as funeral expenses and debt obligations, when you are no longer there to shoulder them.

At Specialty Life, our Final Expense plans cater to a wide range of individuals, making them an ideal choice for those who want a straightforward, robust policy to cover these end-of-life costs. With easy approval, an uncomplicated application process and no need for medical examinations, you can secure peace of mind for your family's future.


An elderly couple sitting together, discussing the prospect of Final Expense Insurance on a peaceful afternoon.


Examining the Key Advantages of Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for many, some of which include:

Identifying Who Needs Final Expense Insurance The Most

Though Final Expense Insurance can benefit just about anyone, certain groups may find it particularly useful. If you fall into any of the following categories, securing a Final Expense plan might be worth serious consideration:


An older adult contemplating the nature of securing a final expense insurance plan to ensure her family's financial wellness.


Let's Ponder the Inevitable: Are You Prepared for the End?

Death is a certainty we all must confront eventually. But here's a probing question: Are you financially ready for the inevitable costs? Securing a Final Expense plan now could be a good idea. This plan makes sure your loved ones aren’t burdened by end-of-life expenses. This allows them to focus more on healing and less on financial stress during tough times.


Determining who needs Final Expense Insurance involves introspection regarding your personal financial situation and an honest assessment of your family’s future needs. Regardless of your current health status or age, it’s a responsible and compassionate decision. Essentially, this coverage is a commitment to the future. It benefits your loved ones by lessening any possible financial burden.



Discover The Power of Final Expense Insurance Now

You may want to consider Specialty Life's Final Expense Plans. They could ensure a secure financial future for your family after your departure. We offer a simplistic, straightforward journey towards securing the fiscal stability that your family deserves, with policies tailored to cater to various situations and budgets.

Don't hesitate—take the first step to secure your family's financial future today!

Whether you're just starting out in your career or enjoying your retirement years, life insurance is an important consideration to protect yourself and your loved ones financially. 

However, navigating the world of life insurance policies can be overwhelming, especially with all the different options available. Two popular choices for individuals looking for hassle-free coverage with an easy application process are simplified issue and guaranteed issue life insurance. 

In this article, we'll break down what these types of policies are and how they can benefit you.

Mature man happy he has a simplified issue life insurance plan

What is Simplified Issue Life Insurance?

Simplified issue life insurance is a type of policy that offers coverage without the need for a medical exam. Instead of going through extensive medical underwriting, applicants are simply asked a series of health-related questions during the application process. They typically cover information about your medical history, lifestyle habits, and current health status.


How Is Simplified Issue Life Insurance Different From Traditional Life Insurance?

The difference lies in the application process. Simplified Issue Life Insurance requires a short questionnaire. These  questions are simpler than your traditional life insurance application process, which in contrast, typically require an in-person medical exam, doctor’s visit, and often take up to 90 business days for approval.

The main advantage of simplified issue life insurance is the quick and convenient application process. Since there's no medical exam involved, you can get approved for coverage instantly. This makes it an ideal option for individuals who have health conditions that might make it difficult to qualify for traditional life insurance policies, or those who simply don’t want to wait.


The Benefits of Simplified Issue Life Insurance

There are several benefits to choosing simplified issue life insurance:

  1. No Medical Exam. As mentioned earlier, the absence of a medical exam makes the application process faster and more convenient.
  2. Easier Qualification. Simplified issue policies have more lenient underwriting requirements, so individuals with pre-existing health conditions or a history of medical issues can still qualify for coverage.
  3. Quick Approval. With simplified issue life insurance, you can get approved for coverage instantly, compared to traditional policies that may require months for underwriting.
  4. Flexibility. Simplified issue policies often offer flexible coverage options, such as term lengths and coverage amounts, allowing you to tailor the policy to your specific needs.
  5. Affordability. While premiums for simplified issue life insurance are often slightly higher compared to traditional policies, they are often more affordable than guaranteed issue policies.

Happy middle-aged woman with her guaranteed issue life insurance plan

Understanding Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance is another type of policy that offers coverage without a medical exam or health questions. This means that regardless of your health condition, you are guaranteed to be approved for coverage. The main purpose of guaranteed issue life insurance is to provide coverage to individuals who may have difficulty obtaining traditional life insurance due to age or health issues.


Key Features of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Here are some important features of guaranteed issue life insurance:

  1. No Medical Exam or Health Questions. The main advantage of guaranteed issue policies is that there are no medical exams or health questions to answer. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with serious health conditions or those who have been declined for coverage in the past.
  2. Guaranteed Acceptance. With guaranteed issue life insurance, you are guaranteed to be accepted for coverage, regardless of your health as long as you are between the ages of 18-74 and a Canadian resident. This can provide peace of mind for individuals who have been denied coverage in the past, or fear being denied due to age, health, or occupation-related reasons
  3. Limited Coverage Amounts. Guaranteed issue policies typically have lower coverage amounts compared to traditional life insurance policies (which can often go up to $1 million in coverage). This is because the insurance company is taking on a higher risk by insuring individuals without a complete understanding of their health conditions.
  4. Higher Premiums. Since guaranteed issue policies come with no medical underwriting, the insurance company assumes a higher level of risk. As a result, premiums for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy will be higher compared to the same life insurance policy but with a medical exam done.

Senior man with a good life insurnace plan

Which Policy is Right for You?

The choice between simplified issue and guaranteed issue life insurance depends on your individual circumstances and needs.

Simplified issue life insurance is a good option if:

Guaranteed issue life insurance may be the right choice if:


It's important to note that while simplified issue and guaranteed issue policies offer convenience and ease of access, they may come with certain limitations. For instance, the coverage amounts for these policies may be lower compared to traditional life insurance. And there may be waiting periods before the full death benefit is available.

Therefore, it's always a good idea to consult with a licensed insurance professional who can assess your individual needs and help you choose the right policy for your specific situation.


In Conclusion

Simplified issue and guaranteed issue life insurance policies offer convenient and accessible coverage options for individuals who may have difficulty obtaining traditional life insurance. Whether you choose a simplified issue policy for its quick approval process or a guaranteed issue policy for its guaranteed acceptance, both options provide valuable protection for you and your loved ones.

At Insurance Supermarket, we understand the importance of finding the right policy to suit your unique needs. Start protecting your future today with a tailored policy from Insurance Supermarket. Get in touch with us today and get a free quote by clicking the button below!

It’s never too late to be smart about your finances, even after retirement! Your finances keep going as long as you’re alive, so you should make the most of every financial opportunity that arises! 


In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Final Expense Plans, why they are vital, and how they can be beneficial for older adults. This will help you understand why Final Expense life insurance is a smart financial decision for older adults. 


Let's get started!

Happy senior woman because of her final expense plan

Why Consider Final Expense Plans?

It's natural for our needs and priorities to change as we age. When it comes to financial planning, your priorities in your 30s or 40s shouldn’t be the same as your priorities in your 50s or beyond. This is where Final Expense Plans come into play.

These specialized insurance plans are designed to cover the costs related to the end of life events, such as funerals, final medical bills, and other outstanding debts in addition to leaving your next-of-kin with a lump sum payout. They relieve your family from the burden of heavy expenses during an already challenging time.

Final Expense Plans: A Smart Financial Decision for Seniors

The essence of a Final Expense Plan lies in its capacity to provide financial security during uncertain times. It offers a sense of security, knowing that your loved ones will be financially protected after your lifetime.

Let's explore some of the benefits.

Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits

Final Expense Plans come with comprehensive protection. They offer built-in benefits such as covering funeral and burial costs, outstanding medical bills, and even existing debts. This ensures your loved ones won't be financially burdened during a time of grief.

Unlike Term Life Insurance, these plans don't lapse after a certain term.

A happy senior couple making smart financial decisions

Simple Application Process

Final Expense plans are a straightforward, practical solution meant for real Canadians. Our application process for Final Expense Plans is straightforward and designed with our customer's ease in mind. Our online application is quick and easy, allowing you to qualify in just a few minutes!

Accessible Eligibility Requirements

A Final Expense Plan is within reach for any Canadian resident between the ages of 18-74. Don’t let your health, occupation, or hobbies stop you from obtaining financial coverage!

Freedom from Financial Stress for Loved Ones

Choosing a Final Expense Plan means you're providing a future free from financial worries for your loved ones. You eliminate the burden of unexpected costs following your lifetime, allowing them to focus on celebrating your life and memories rather than worrying about how to cover costs in a time of mourning.

Happy Senior couple


At Insurance Supermarket, we understand and appreciate the unique needs of our customers. Final Expense Plans are particularly valuable for older adults, offering a level of financial protection unmatched by other products.

Don't let your loved ones bear the financial burden of end-of-life expenses. Make a thoughtful choice about your future with a Final Expense Plan from Insurance Supermarket.


Secure Your Future, and of Your Loved Ones, with Final Expense Plans from Insurance Supermarket

Are you ready to secure your future? Ease the financial burden on your loved ones by investing in a Final Expense Plan. Begin your journey towards comprehensive financial security today with Insurance Supermarket's Final Expense Plan!

Pave the Way For Your Loved One’s Secure Future with Insurance Supermarket's Final Expense Plans

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Looking for a surefire way to financial security? The Canadian Final Expense Plan by ISI is your answer! These plans are designed to grant you the relief that comes with knowing your family's future is financially protected.

In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits, features, and easy application process of the Canadian Final Expense Plan by ISI. With this information, you can make an informed decision about the plan that best fits your situation and safeguards your loved ones.

What is a Final Expense Plan?

If you're wondering what a Final Expense Plan is, it's straightforward. A Final Expense Plan, otherwise known as burial insurance or funeral insurance, is a policy designed to cover the costs associated with your passing.

Your beneficiaries can use this benefit to cover expenses such as funeral or cremation costs, medical bills, and any other related expenses. The significant benefit of a Final Expense Plan is that it's easier to qualify for compared to more traditional life insurance policies. Also, it offers an affordable way of ensuring that your loved ones will not be burdened with financial responsibilities during a very emotional and challenging time.


Happy retired man and his daughter with their final expense plan.


Do I Need a Final Expense Plan?

The decision to take up a Final Expense Plan is a personal one and depends on your individual circumstances. Ideally, if you're between the ages of 18 to 74, and would like to have a plan in place that aids in covering the costs associated with your passing, then a final expense plan is a suitable choice.

It's especially useful for those who may not have access to, or be eligible for, other forms of life insurance. The premiums for this type of plan are generally lower, and coverage often continues until your 100th birthday. Moreover, acceptance is guaranteed and does not rely on your health status, making it an excellent solution for those with health issues.


Elderly couple discussing the need for a Final Expense Plan.


Embarking on Your Assurance Journey with the Canadian Final Expense Plan

Age or health concerns often pose barriers when we seek financial protection for our future. But with our Canadian Final Expense Plan by Insurance Supermarket, there's no need to worry. We're here to turn those barriers into stepping stones.

Our plan is tailored for individuals who may find conventional life insurance out of reach due to age or health challenges. It cuts out the need for a medical exam, making your journey to financial assurance smoother and simpler.

By choosing our Canadian Final Expense Plan, you're one step closer to the peace of mind you've been seeking.

Cornerstone Features of the Canadian Final Expense Plan

Awareness of key features is essential in choosing an insurance plan. Our Canadian Final Expense Plan provides crucial aspects like:

Easy Application Process

Our process is as simple as ABC! All it takes is filling out a short health questionnaire. So, say goodbye to hefty paperwork and medical tests.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing model is transparent. Rates based solely on age, gender, and smoking status offer you a fair and budget-friendly rate for the protection you need.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Our plan promises approval regardless of your health or lifestyle. If you meet the age and Canadian residency requirements, you're eligible for coverage.

Durable Protection

Our Canadian Final Expense Plan guarantees enduring coverage till age 100, ensuring your loved ones are safe, even when you're not around.


Senior couple discussing the Canadian Final Expense Plan.


Leap into the Benefits of the Canadian Final Expense Plan: Your Map to Financial Assurance

The road to financial assurance varies for everyone. We can help guide you on this journey by offering personalized recommendations based on your unique needs. We'll help you figure out the coverage that best keeps your family financially secure.

Choosing the Canadian Final Expense Plan by Insurance Supermarket means securing not just a policy, but a pledge to your family's financial strength, regardless of life’s unexpected twists and turns.


Senior man reviewing his insurance policy online.



The Canadian Final Expense Plan offers much more than money - it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are financially secure. This plan ensures that your family has financial cover, regardless of what the future brings.

With family, friends, and our team by your side, securing your future is easier than you think with the Canadian Final Expense Plan by ISI.



Embark on Your Path to Assurance

Secure your loved ones' future with a Canadian Final Expense Plan by Insurance Supermarket. With our easy-to-understand approach, custom advice, and specially crafted plans, you'll experience the relief of knowing your future is safe.

Don't put off protecting your loved ones' future. Take the leap today!

As the sun sets on our working years, getting the right financial cover becomes quite important. So, how do you find the best final expense insurance for seniors?

In this easy-to-understand guide, we'll uncover the benefits of the Final Expense Insurance plan. Plus, we'll help you find the perfect policy to match your budget and health needs.

So, let's jump right into it!

A Closer Look at Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance often pops up when we talk about insurance for seniors. This is a type of life insurance that makes sure all end-of-life costs and final expenses get covered.

Unlike most life insurance policies, our Final Expense insurance at Insurance Supermarket does not need medical exams or health questionnaires for approval. So, for seniors with health issues or those wanting to carefully cover end-of-life expenses, this plan works wonders.


Senior couple looking at Final Expense Insurance plans on their tablet.


Why Final Expense Insurance is Becoming More Popular

Final Expense Insurance shines because of its easy-to-understand plan and complete coverage. Here's why more Canadian seniors are loving it:

No More Worries About Acceptance

The biggest perk of Final Expense insurance? It's our guaranteed acceptance coverage policy. It doesn't matter what your age is or what health issues you might have; you will get coverage. This is why this policy type is great when normal life insurance is hard to get due to health and age issues.


Retired Senior happy about her guaranteed acceptance for her Final Expense Plan.


Clear & Simple Pricing

Final Expense Insurance is friendly on the wallet with clear pricing. Even if your health gets worse or you get older, your premiums won't go up. So, your family won't have any extra stress during tough times.

It's All About You

Choose the coverage amount that works for you, all the way up to $50,000. This flexibility makes sure your policy is right for your situation.

Easy Mind

Everyone wants to know that their final expenses won't be a burden for their loved ones. With a Final Expense Plan, you can rest easy knowing that your family will be safe from unexpected costs.


Senior couple understanding the benefits of the Final Expense Plan.


Things to Think About when Choosing Final Expense Insurance

When choosing the best final expense insurance for seniors, here are some things that you need to think about:

Your Needs

Final expenses are more than just funeral costs. There may be unpaid debts or medical bills that your family needs to pay. Make sure you know how much these might cost so you can pick the right coverage amount.

Research Helps

Understand what different providers are offering and choose one who fits your needs the best. Customer reviews can help you see if their service is excellent.

Your Budget

Cost is very important. Make sure to consider your budget while looking at the benefits. Luckily, final expense insurance offers good pricing options for a range of budgets.


Senior couple discussing the best final expense insurance plan for their needs.


Summing It Up

Looking for the best final expense insurance for seniors comes down to a few key factors. Understandably, you want a plan that caters to specific needs and fits firmly within your budget. Ideally, this plan should also bring peace of mind, knowing that all eventualities are covered affordably.

Here is a quick summary:

At the end of the day, a Final Expense Plan emerges as an excellent solution for seniors. They provide predictability and comprehensive coverage, thus making them an ideal choice for those seeking a straightforward, uncomplicated insurance solution. Applying the specifics we’ve discussed in this blog, you can make an informed choice, ensuring a peaceful experience during your golden years and the necessary financial support for your family when it's needed.



Take Charge of Your Future with The Best Final Expense Plan from Insurance Supermarket

You want to protect your loved ones from money stress. With the best final expense insurance for seniors, you can make sure they'll be okay when they need to pay for your final expenses. Start your plans for a worry-free retirement today with our Final Expense Plan!

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Are you a senior citizen, planning for the future and seeking to unload financial burdens from your family’s shoulders after your time? Then you probably want something affordable and straightforward out of your life insurance. We've got the affordable life insurance options for seniors you're looking for: Final Expense plans.

In this blog post, we’ll cover Final Expense plans, showing you how they’re the perfect, affordable option for seniors in Canada. We’ll also offer an alternative in case Final Expense plans aren’t what you’re looking for. 

Let's dive in!

Old couple looking at affordable life insurance options

Exploring Life Insurance Options for Seniors: The Affordable Final Expense Plan

As seniors, it's not unusual to think your age might deter insurance companies. However, there exist options tailored to your unique needs, and one such product is the Final Expense Plan.

These guaranteed-issue policies, also known as burial or funeral insurance, are designed to cover funeral expenses and other end-of-life costs upon one's passing. They are typically easier to get approved for, with no medical check required!

With average funeral fees in Canada soaring over $9000, Final Expense Plans can offer substantial financial relief to your loved ones in a difficult time. Additionally, these plans are generally more accessible and affordable than traditional life insurance plans, primarily due to lower coverage amounts.

The Value of Final Expense Plans


Flexibility in choice:

Final Expense Plans can be customized to cover more than just burial expenses. For example, they can also cover outstanding debts, medical bills or even act as a simple inheritance. These extra advantages mean you can help your family even after you're gone.


The biggest draw of Final Expense plans for people who are over the age of 50 is that acceptance is guaranteed. There are no medical exams or in-depth questionnaires to fill out that might result in your disqualification. As long as you’re a Canadian resident between the ages of 18 and 75, you WILL qualify for a Final Expense plan.It’s that simple!


Final Expense plans are smaller plans in general, which means that they will be much more affordable than large scope term life or whole life plans. You won’t need to worry about being on a fixed income, Final Expense premiums won’t break the bank.

Tax Free:

Not many things are exempt from taxes, but luckily, payouts from life insurance are one of them! In contrast to leaving behind an estate, which can be privy to complicated inheritance and estate and land transfer taxes.

Senior couple with peace of mind

To Consider: Term Life Insurance

While we highly recommend the Final Expense Plan for seniors, it's worth briefly understanding Term Life Insurance.

In essence, Term Life Insurance offers coverage for a specific period (called “term”), going from 5 to 30 years. If the policyholder dies within the term, a death benefit is paid to their beneficiaries. ISI offers simplified, no-medical exam term life policies available for applicants up to 80 years old, which makes getting coverage easier than other insurers.

However, it's important to note that Term Life plans are NOT typically guaranteed-issue-, so it is possible to be refused coverage or quoted higher premiums based on pre-existing health conditions.


Securing life insurance at an older age should not be a daunting task. Certainly, there are affordable life insurance options for seniors, with products like Final Expense Plans offering low premiums, easy approval, and flexibility.

While term insurance can also be a suitable option for some, it's crucial to consider your specific needs, health condition, and, vitally, budget.

Final Expense Plans were created with you in mind, consisting of easy acceptance, no-frills, and reasonable assurance, aiding your family's financial future.

Embrace the Future with Confidence

Are you ready to secure your tomorrow and protect your loved ones from future financial stress? Let's pave the way with plans tailored to your needs.

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Retirement should be a time of excitement for seniors, not worry. That's where Insurance Supermarket International's Final Expense Plans can be a great benefit, including the specific senior benefits life insurance, taking some of the concern off your shoulders.

This post focuses on explaining how our Final Expense Plans can secure your peace of mind, especially for those about to retire or have started living their golden years.

Let's learn about Final Expense Plans, shall we?

Why Choose Final Expense Plans at Insurance Supermarket?

Our Final Expense Plans are created just for seniors like you. These plans cover the costs you don't want your loved ones to worry about after you’re gone. They offer a simple and quick way to secure your future and that of your loved ones.

Elderly Couple enjoys the senior benefits of life insurance offered by Final Expense plan as they hold hands on a beach.

The Senior Benefits of Our Final Expense Life Insurance?

The Final Expense Plan at ISI is more than just life insurance. It's a commitment to give you peace of mind in your retirement. Check out its perks:

No Health Worries - Guaranteed Coverage

With our Final Expense Plan, no matter what your health situation is, you're covered! No long medical exams or papers, simple and fast.

Senior man relieved after getting coverage without health checks thanks to the Final Expense Plan.

Coverage up to Age 100

Unlike other plans that may stop after a certain age, our Final Expense Plan offers coverage till the age of a hundred. That's life-long peace of mind!

Happy elderly woman living peacefully knowing Final Expense Plan offers coverage till age 100.

30-days money-back guarantee

If you aren't completely happy with the plan, within 30 days, you can back out and get a full refund. Your comfort and trust in the plan are important to us.

Nothing To Hide! Only Clear Terms

Some insurance plans keep things in small print, not us. Our Final Expense Plan is crystal clear. Better yet, if you ever have a question, you can call or email one of our helpful advisors for guidance. Our team is ready to help you any way they can.

Relieved senior man appreciates the transparency of the Final Expense Plan with no hidden terms.

Picking the Plan That Fits You

To choose the right plan, you should think about your health, your assets, what you spend each month, and your way of life. Getting to know these items will help pick the best plan for you.

Senior couple taking into consideration personal factors to choose the right Final Expense Plan.

A Few Words on ISI’s Final Expense Plans

The Final Expense Plan is a big help in any sturdy retirement plan. It gives you the calm and courage needed to face whatever comes in retirement. With easy growth and steady coverage, it lets you enjoy your golden years just the way you want.

Elderly woman happily enjoying senior benefits from her life insurance. She's feeling secured with ISI’s Final Expense Plan.


Planning retirement may seem like climbing a tall hill, but it doesn't have to be. With ISI’s Final Expense Plan, you can face those golden years with a steady heart. If you're planning or living in retirement, a plan made just for you is worth its weight in gold!

Ready for a worry-free retirement?

If you want worry-free golden years, our Final Expense Plan is a great choice. Start your journey to a worry-free retirement with us!

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