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Easy Insured with ISI: A Hassle-Free Solution to Health-Related Insurance Concerns

Published September 8, 2023

Overwhelmed by puzzling insurance terms, piles of paperwork, and exhaustive medical exams? Fret not! Insurance Supermarket is your clear path to easy insured options. Are you wondering how health issues could impact your life insurance choices? Many share your concerns and we're here to help on your insurance journey.

This blog aims to conquer your fears of complexity that traditional insurance companies often elicit. We're here to show you the simplicity and accessibility of the Term Life Plan, specially tailored for those with pre-existing health conditions.

No Fear of Pre-Existing Conditions with Insurance Supermarket

The thought of pre-existing conditions and life insurance together can be daunting. But with customer-driven providers like Insurance Supermarket, this fear is a thing of the past. With our innovative insurance solutions, you can easily overcome the hurdle of pre-existing conditions.


Your Go-to Option: Term Life Plan


What is the Term Life Plan?


No Medical Exams, No Waiting Time

The Term Life Plan offered by Insurance Supermarket is an easy, simple, and efficient life insurance solution. There are no medical exams or waiting periods involved, thus removing the common roadblocks associated with insurance acquisition.

Flexible Coverage Amounts

Ranging from modest to generous, we offer policyholders a wide choice in benefit amounts, running from $10,000 up to $1,000,000. This variety allows you to choose a coverage amount that aligns with your specific needs.

Long-Term Protection: Term 100 Life Insurance

Incorporated within our Term Life Plan, we have the Term 100 option that offers lifelong protection for those seeking long-term coverage. This efficient solution provides higher protection but at a lower cost when compared to other lifetime coverage options like Whole or Universal Life Insurance.


Couple discussing how to be easy insured with a Term Life Plan.


Benefits of our Term Life Plan

Choosing to be easily insured with Insurance Supermarket provides multiple perks like:

  • Immediate Coverage: Obtain protection as soon as you apply without any lengthy approval processes.
  • Acceptance Despite Health History: Your health history does not affect your ability to get insurance. Our plan works for all Canadian residents from 18 to 80, no matter their health history.
  • No Paperwork: Break free from countless applications. Apply online quickly and simply.


A couple enjoying their lifetime of Protection with Term 100 Life Insurance.


Easily Get Insured: Is it for You?

Does it Sound Like Your Situation?

Our Term Life Plan is a simple, flexible, and all-inclusive life insurance solution responding to diverse customer requirements while keeping the process uncomplicated and quick. Whether it's the simplicity, affordability, or the range of coverage amounts, this plan encompasses all the right features to make it an excellent choice for Canadian residents seeking the best life insurance product.

Essentially, if you're a Canadian resident aged 18 to 80 or somebody finding it hard to get coverage due to previous health conditions, then our Term Life Plan is an ideal fit.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for our Term Life Plan is simple. If you're an inhabitant of Canada and aged between 18 and 80, you're eligible for the plan.

Your Coverage Duration

Based on your needs, you can pick a coverage duration from the various options available such as 10, 20, 30 years, or even a lifetime with our Term 100 plan.

10-Day Review Period

We provide a 10-day review period for your policy. That means if you're not fully satisfied with the policy during these first 10 days, we offer a full refund on policy cancellation.


Women comfortably applying for Term Life Plan from home.


Insurance Supermarket: A Progressive Approach To Life Insurance

Keeping up with the times, Insurance Supermarket provides:

  • Fast Results: Application is hassle-free and online, resulting in instant coverage.
  • Inclusive Insurance: Our service is designed for everyone, regardless of age, life choices, or health condition.
  • Custom Plans: Our wide variety of products, including Term Life Plan and others, allows us to tailor the best plan for you.

Conclusion: You Can Get Insured EASY.

Pre-existing conditions should not worry you when planning for your family's financial stability. With Insurance Supermarket, your family's future is secure. In short, this assurance remains, irrespective of your health history.

Remember, your health should not limit your insurance options. With Insurance Supermarket, opt for easy insurance. Your family deserves security. You can provide it.



Secure the Future Easily with Insurance Supermarket

Ready to embark on a simple, inclusive insurance journey that acknowledges your unique health status? Don't let a health issue interfere with your loved ones' monetary safety.

Say hello to insurance ease with Insurance Supermarket. Your future is within reach. Guard it today.

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