Life Insurance for People with Health Issues: Easing the Journey

Transforming Life Insurance Accessibility: A Boon for People with Health Issues

Published August 29, 2023

Talking about your health can be hard enough. Finding life insurance for people with health issues can be even more stressful. Let go of the worry and stress — Insurance Supermarket brings you accessible and affordable life insurance solutions.

Here, we'll explore how ISI has made life insurance for people with health issues so much more straightforward. We will show you how our guaranteed term life plans, Accidental Death & Dismemberment plans, and Critical Illness Plans can give peace of mind to people, no matter their health situation. Step into the future with control and confidence with ISI.

So, say goodbye to medical exams and health questions, and secure the future of your loved ones with our hands-on offerings!

Keys to a Simpler Life Insurance Journey

What if chronic illnesses and health problems weren't barriers to future protection? What if life insurance for people with health issues was more than a dream? That's what we aim for at Insurance Supermarket.

To simplify things, our life insurance provides quick coverage. No medical exam. No waiting. You can even get instant approval! Whether you're well or not, you can sign up for a plan quickly without the stress.


Couple happily discussing life insurance for people with health issues.


Term Life Insurance: Simple, Flexible, & Stress-free Protection for Individuals with Health Issues

At Insurance Supermarket, we have specifically developed our Term Life Insurance plan to make life insurance accessible for individuals with pre-existing conditions or health issues. This plan is open to all Canadians aged 18 to 80, offering a lifeline of affordable and straightforward coverage irrespective of their health status.

Key features of our Term Life Insurance Plan are designed to benefit individuals with health concerns:

  • No medical exams, no waiting: Avoid the stress of physical examinations or doctor reports. Our plan can be kick-started on the day of your application, making it friendly for those with health issues.
  • Simple and affordable coverage: Our unique health questionnaire enhances the application process. It eliminates discomfort and offers a competitive rate compared to other life insurance plans.
  • Wide range of coverage amounts: Whether you require modest or robust coverage, we have you covered. Our policy provides protection ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Duration of Coverage: You can choose your coverage duration, from 10, 20, or 30 years to lifetime coverage with our Term 100 plan, providing flexibility in policy planning.
  • Convertible: You have the option to renew or convert this plan to a permanent policy at the end of the term without having to answer any additional health questions or submit any medical exams.
  • 10-day review period: We offer a 10-day grace period for you to review the policy and ensure it fits your needs. If not, your premiums will be refunded.

Our Term Life Plan is not just about providing financial support. It is about empowering individuals with health issues with a stress-free insurance experience. Life insurance for people with health issues is not just a dream with Insurance Supermarket; it's a reality.


A smiling woman reading about Insurance Supermarket's Term Life Plan.


On Riders to Augment Your Protection

Riders are like extra chips in a bag, giving more value to your term life insurance plan. They're especially helpful for people with health problems.

For example, our Critical Illness Plan can help by giving instant money if someone gets really sick with things like cancer or a heart attack. Meanwhile our 'Accidental Death Plan' gives people more money if they pass away or get seriously injured from an accident, no matter what health issues they have.  In short, these riders make sure that no matter what, there's a safety net to help people regardless of their health issues.

Critical Illness Rider for Added Security

The Critical Illness Plan at ISI is not just about life insurance. It's also a safety net that can be ready for you in hard times. It covers you if diagnosed with one of 24 serious conditions including cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

What makes it stand out?

  • No Medical Exam: The Critical Illness Plan does not need a medical exam for approval - even with pre-existing conditions.
  • Instant Online Coverage: The plan offers immediate coverage online for 24 severe conditions, including cancer, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Instant Approval: You can get approval instantly for up to $50,000 with no paperwork or agent visits required.
  • Full Refund Guarantee: A 30-day money-back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction - you can get a full refund if not satisfied.
  • Ideal for Pre-existing Conditions: This plan is particularly suited to those with pre-existing conditions due to the no health-checks-required nature of its approval process.



Man from Generation X exploring the benefits of Critical Illness Plan online.


AD&D Plans: Reinforce Your Future Protection

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan is also a crowd-pleaser. It provides quick access to coverage of $250,000. This is an extra layer of financial security that covers accidental deaths and debilitating situations. Like the Critical Illness Plan, this plan keeps things simple with a smooth online application process.

  • Guaranteed acceptance: The AD&D plan offers guaranteed acceptance for all Canadian residents aged 18-69, irrespective of their health condition. This means individuals with pre-existing conditions can easily secure coverage without undergoing a medical exam.
  • Additional protection: The plan provides additional protection for 23 different conditions, offering a broader safety net for those who may already be managing health issues.
  • Quick & Easy Process: The plan is accessible online and offers an immediate coverage without a medical exam for up to $250,000 in protection. This simplifies the process of getting protected without any lengthy paperwork or waiting times.
  • Extra benefits: The plan includes extra benefits such as rehabilitation, bereavement, and day care benefits that can provide additional support in case of an accident.
  • Customer satisfaction assurance: Lastly, there is a 30-day money-back-guarantee, allowing for a full refund if the policyholder is not completely satisfied with the plan. This gives customers the confidence to try the plan without any risk.



A lady researching more about Accident Death & Dismemberment Plans from her home office.


Guard Your Finances, Secure Your Peace of Mind

Our goal at Insurance Supermarket is to offer you financial support when you need it the most. Our Critical Illness Plan and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan align with this goal. While providing extensive coverage, we keep our costs within reach.

Access to life insurance for people with health issues is not just a possibility. It's reality with ISI. It's real-time financial protection just a few clicks away.


Man at his desk, feeling financially secured with life insurance for health issues.


Final Words

At Insurance Supermarket, we believe that everyone has the right to secure their financial future. Health problems should not stop you from getting the coverage you need. Our streamlined online application, immediate protection, no-medical examination, and guaranteed acceptance policies have transformed life insurance for people with health issues.

Empower yourself with Insurance Supermarket and attain the peace of mind you deserve!



Start Your Journey to Financial Security & Assurance

Are health problems posing a hurdle in securing your future? At Insurance Supermarket, your health condition will not hold you back. With our provision of life insurance, you can rest assured about the future of your family.

Owning your future begins today. Secure it with the promise of guaranteed acceptance. Choose Insurance Supermarket today!

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