Affordable Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions Canada

Navigating Your Path To Health Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions in Canada

Published September 19, 2023

Are you in Canada and wondering if health insurance pre-existing conditions might hinder your search for life insurance? You can relax! Insurance Supermarket International (ISI) is ready to ease your concerns. Our team aims to provide a secure financial future for your beloved family members, even if health issues are already in your medical history.

This blog post will clear doubts regarding life insurance and pre-existing conditions, highlight our no-medical exam insurance plans, and emphasize the importance of getting protected regardless of health conditions. Let's get started!

Understanding Pre-existing Conditions with Life Insurance

A common concern is, "Can I avail health insurance with pre-existing conditions in Canada?" The answer is a big YES! At ISI, we provide insurance plans that consider all health conditions, even if you have health history like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

For example, look at our No Medical Exam Life Insurance, designed to help those dealing with health challenges.


Relieved man connecting on laptop after securing life insurance despite his pre-existing condition.


Know About No Medical Exam Life Insurance

What is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

ISI's No Medical Life Insurance eliminates the need for lengthy health check-ups or questionnaires, making it easier for individuals with pre-existing health conditions to gain coverage.

Benefits of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The No Medical Life Insurance plan offers key benefits, such as:

  • No Medical exams, no waiting: Say goodbye to time-taking physical checks or paperwork. Get coverage as soon as you apply.
  • Simple, broad coverage: Our plan is available to Canadians aged 18-80 and offers coverage up to $1,000,000. Health conditions don't affect our offerings.
  • Quick & Easy Application: Apply from home and get complete coverage within 24 hours.


Happy older couple enjoying life outdoors, thanks to No Medical Life insurance.


Who Can Apply for No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

Our No Medical Exam Life Insurance is available to all Canadian residents between 18-80 years, even those with prior health conditions or lifestyle habits.

Answering the question, "Can you get health insurance with pre-existing conditions in Canada," is easy with ISI. The answer is a big "Yes!"

The ISI Promise: Fast, Accessible & Customized to Your Needs

At ISI, we make sure that our insurance plans are:

  • Immediate: Get protection immediately, bypass lengthy approval process.
  • For everyone: We are open to everyone, regardless of health, age or lifestyle.
  • Personalized for you: Choose from a wide range of products and plans, from basic life insurance to critical illness plans.


Satisfied woman in Canada who has chosen No Medical Exam Life Insurance from ISI as health coverage for her pre-existing condition.



Don't let pre-existing conditions stop you from finding the right life insurance policy. With ISI, you can find insurance solutions best suited to your unique health circumstances.

Pre-existing conditions should not limit your options. Make the right choice with ISI and ensure a solid financial future for your loved ones.



Start Your Insurance Journey with ISI

Ready to explore life insurance options that factor in pre-existing conditions in Canada? We're eager to create a plan that's tailored to your unique needs.

Embrace the security of a future unhindered by medical issues. Secure tomorrow with ISI's No Medical Life Insurance today.

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