Are you sweating over the future of your aging parents and their financial stability? Securing life insurance for aging parents can lessen those worries by handling unanticipated expenses. Consequently, this insurance guarantees that your family's needs are taken care of, ultimately bestowing peace of mind to all.

In this article, we'll clarify the considerations and steps to take when exploring life insurance options for your parents and assist in finding the best insurance policy to fit their unique needs.

Understanding the Need for Parental Coverage

Exploring life insurance for aging parents, it's vital to pinpoint the specific needs driving this decision. Is your goal to provide a safety net for funeral expenses or to secure a provision for surviving dependants? These factors will influence the term life insurance package and budget allocation required.


A thoughtful adult child contemplating life insurance for aging parents.


Engaging Your Parent in the Decision Process

Remember, every adult has the right to their own insurance policy. Therefore, clear communication with your parents about your concerns and intentions is crucial. This not only aids in gaining the necessary consent but could also provide valuable inputs concerning insurance, coverage amount, and payout arrangements.


Financial Assessment

Understanding your parents' financial situation is imperative. A clear idea of their assets, liabilities, ongoing medical costs, and any existing insurance policies will help you calculate the desirable coverage amount by identifying the financial gap that needs bridging upon your absence.


Both the child and the aging parent working collaboratively to understand the financial status and determine the desired insurance coverage.


Choosing the Right Life Insurance for Aging Parents

You've identified the requirements, now it's time to find a match among the insurance products available in the market. Two policies that specifically cater to seniors and their dependants are the Term Life and Final Expense plans offered by ISI.

Term Life Plan

A key offering by ISI is our flexible and budget-friendly Term Life Plan. This insurance option accommodates applicants up until the age of 80 and offers a one-time payout in the unfortunate event of your parent's death. The payout from this plan can effectively cover any existing debts, help manage funeral expenses, and provide for dependants, providing important financial cushioning in difficult times.

Understanding the specific duration of coverage your parents need is integral. With options of 10, 20 or 30-year term available, it's essential to estimate which term would cater to their lifetime. Alternatively, for lifelong coverage, the Term 100 plan might be exactly what's needed.

Final Expense Plan

Alternatively, if the primary expenses that need covering are related to funeral costs, the Final Expense Plan might be a more suitable option. This plan is immediately accessible for everyone up to the age of 74.

Moreover, with an assurance of coverage lasting until 100 years of age, this policy could provide a lower, more focused financial safeguard for your parents. It's a comforting promise that in their twilight years, you've got their needs covered.


An informed child going through different insurance policies offered by ISI.


Navigating the Insurance Application Process

Securing an insurance plan for your aging parents might seem daunting, however, at ISI we've simplified this process into three straightforward steps. We always prioritize your needs and understand the importance of empathy and comfort during this journey. With that in mind, let's walk through our streamlined application process.

Step 1: Share Essential Details Through Our Online Questionnaire

Every journey begins with a single step. In our case, it's a short online questionnaire that swiftly captures fundamental details about your parents, such as their residency status, date of birth, gender, and smoking habits.

Rest assured, the more accurate and honest you are, the better we can identify the most applicable and cost-effective insurance policy. This feature underlines our commitment to personalization, ensuring the policy caters specifically to your parents' requirements and lifestyle.

Step 2: Engage in an Interactive Session with Our Experienced Advisors

After the submission of your questionnaire, expect an engaging consultation session with our team. Here, we encourage you to voice any concerns or queries you may have, as communication is crucial to identify the best-fitted policy for your parents.

During this conversation, a few simple pertinent questions will help us narrow down the most suited policy options. With our advisors by your side, you’ll directly influence the tailoring of the policy, and thus can ensure it's perfectly aligned with your parents' needs. At ISI, our advisors stand as pillars of compassion and understanding, always eager to guide you through your insurance journey.

Step 3: Receive Your Customized Insurance Policy Within 48 Hours

We understand that time is of the essence, especially when it comes to the financial security of loved ones. Hence, our diligent team works at an unprecedented pace to deliver your custom policy within 48 hours of your final consultation.

While in rare cases, the timeline may slightly extend, we remain transparent, committed, and quick with our process. This accelerates the journey of safeguarding your parents' future, delivering the peace of mind that you seek for yourself and your family.

Trust us, it's as simple as one, two, three. With ISI, you get a platform that bridges the gap between complexity and simplicity, ensuring the security of your aging parents. Embark on this journey with us today, let's secure their future, together!

Aging parent and son after comfortably working through the simple application process online together.



Selecting a term life insurance policy for your aging parents requires careful deliberation and open communication. But on doing so, it allows you to ensure that their needs and wishes are met, all the while providing you with peace of mind.

Remember to evaluate their needs, consider the financial implications, select the most fitting policy and then communicate openly with your parents throughout the process. It's also beneficial to have regular discussions about the policy to accommodate any changes due to fluctuating health or financial status.



Secure Your Parents' Future Today!

Don’t delay in providing your parents with the financial stability they need. The experts at Insurance Supermarket are here to ensure that you have all the information required to make an informed decision about their coverage. Be prepared and ensure their financial stability, knowing you've made a caring, prudent decision that secures the future of your aging parents.

Make the Right Choice for Your Parents’ Insurance Needs!

As a natural part of life's cycle, our parents, who once shielded us from harm, enter their golden years, instilling within us the desire to return their warmth and protective care. One considerate way to confer stability and assistance to them is by securing life insurance for your parents.

In this article, we provide you with a detailed guide to buying life insurance for your parents. We invite you to read on to understand this welcomingly straightforward process.

Why Buy Life Insurance for Your Parents?

While your parents may already have their own life insurance policies, there may be circumstances where additional coverage could serve to cushion any financial liabilities, such as mortgages or medical bills they might leave behind.

In some cases, they might not have any life insurance at all. Regardless, securing life insurance can provide a safety net for any unforeseen financial demands.


Young woman and her mother researching how to buy a life insurance for her parents on her laptop.


Understanding Your Parents' Needs

To understand the necessary coverage type and amount, it's key to have a clear understanding of your parents' financial status, their debts, expected final expense needs, and prospective medical costs.

Age & Health Status

Generally, life insurance premiums tend to be higher for older and less healthy individuals. Additionally, policy options may become sparse as one ages. As such, procuring life insurance for aging parents can present certain challenges.

Debts & Outstanding Financial Obligations

Evaluate their existing financial responsibilities that might be passed on to you in their absence. These might encompass mortgage dues or medical costs, which can put significant monetary strain on you and your family.

Final Expenses & Income Replacement

Funeral costs can add to the stress of a difficult time. Having a life insurance policy that accounts for these expenses can provide substantial relief. Plus, if your parents were financially supporting you or another family member, their income loss could impose financial stress.


Daughter and elderly mother discussing life insurance needs.


Steps to Buying Life Insurance For Your Parents

Step 1: Engage in Open Dialogue with Your Parents

Having an open and understanding conversation about purchasing life insurance is the first step in this process. This may not be an easy conversation, as it involves discussing sensitive topics like health status, finances, and the inevitable end of life.

Take the time to carefully explain your reasons and reassure your parents that your primary concern is their well-being and future security. Remember, in most situations, your parents will need to partake in the application process, making their full understanding and agreement essential.

Step 2: Choose the Right Insurance Policy

Once you have their consent and a clear understanding of their needs, it's time to determine the type of life insurance policy that would best meet these requirements.

Many factors — from your parents' health and age, their financial situation, to your budget — will influence the decision. Take the time to research various policies and carefully weigh the benefits against the cost to find a policy that delivers maximum value.

Step 3: Determine the Amount of Coverage Required

To avoid under- or over-insuring, it's crucial to determine the right amount of coverage that your parents will need. You'll want to consider all relevant factors, including their financial obligations, everyday living expenses, future medical costs, and final expenses. Once you have a clear understanding of these factors, you can decide on an appropriate coverage amount.

For an easy and accurate estimate, we highly recommend using ISI's online insurance coverage calculator. By answering a few simple questions related to your parents' financial situation, this tool can provide you with personalized estimates of the coverage you might need to protect your parents' financial future.

Step 4: Fill Out the Application

Next, you'll need to complete the insurance application with your parents. An accurate and transparent representation of their information is vital to secure a policy that best matches their needs. You cannot put false information in an application, as this will nullify the policy.

At ISI, we aim to make the life insurance application process as convenient and straightforward as possible for you and your parents. Unlike traditional insurance providers, we offer No-Medical Exam insurance policies that eliminate the need for a medical check-up and allows for an easier application process.

Our process stands out with its simplicity and speed. You can fill out our online application from the comfort of your own home, and we offer same-day underwriting, making us a far efficient option compared to traditional providers. This not only cuts down waiting times but also ensures coverage can be secured swiftly, providing peace of mind.

Step 5: Review & Purchase the Policy

Once the application is approved, it's important to take the time to meticulously review the resulting policy. It is at this point where you need to cross-check that the specified plan meets your parents' needs comprehensively and aligns well with your initial understanding.

Also, be sure to clear any doubts or queries you may have. Oftentimes, the insurance language can be quite complex, so don't hesitate to ask for clarifications.

Once you're entirely sure that the policy fits your budget and meets all your parents' necessities, establish the preferred payment method, and proceed to secure the policy. Remember, the whole point of this effort is to offer your parents a secure and worry-free future, and it is important to have complete confidence in the policy you finalize.


Father and son discussing life insurance policy options on a walk through the woods.



Buying life insurance for your parents is a thoughtful expression of love and foresight. It guarantees readiness for any unpredicted financial responsibilities after your parents' departure. Following these steps and maintaining open communication with your parents can make acquiring life insurance a relatively hassle-free process.

The proficient team at Insurance Supermarket International is ready to answer all your queries and provide tailored advice. We're here to aid you in finding an affordable and suitable life insurance solution for your parents' needs.



Get Comprehensive Life Insurance for Your Parents Today with ISI!

Want to secure your parents' future? Our team at Insurance Supermarket International can provide you with personalized life insurance advice, tailored to your parents' unique needs. You can ensure their financial protection and peace of mind by reaching out to us today!

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Overwhelmed by puzzling insurance terms, piles of paperwork, and exhaustive medical exams? Fret not! Insurance Supermarket is your clear path to easy insured options. Are you wondering how health issues could impact your life insurance choices? Many share your concerns and we're here to help on your insurance journey.

This blog aims to conquer your fears of complexity that traditional insurance companies often elicit. We're here to show you the simplicity and accessibility of the Term Life Plan, specially tailored for those with pre-existing health conditions.

No Fear of Pre-Existing Conditions with Insurance Supermarket

The thought of pre-existing conditions and life insurance together can be daunting. But with customer-driven providers like Insurance Supermarket, this fear is a thing of the past. With our innovative insurance solutions, you can easily overcome the hurdle of pre-existing conditions.


Your Go-to Option: Term Life Plan


What is the Term Life Plan?


No Medical Exams, No Waiting Time

The Term Life Plan offered by Insurance Supermarket is an easy, simple, and efficient life insurance solution. There are no medical exams or waiting periods involved, thus removing the common roadblocks associated with insurance acquisition.

Flexible Coverage Amounts

Ranging from modest to generous, we offer policyholders a wide choice in benefit amounts, running from $10,000 up to $1,000,000. This variety allows you to choose a coverage amount that aligns with your specific needs.

Long-Term Protection: Term 100 Life Insurance

Incorporated within our Term Life Plan, we have the Term 100 option that offers lifelong protection for those seeking long-term coverage. This efficient solution provides higher protection but at a lower cost when compared to other lifetime coverage options like Whole or Universal Life Insurance.


Couple discussing how to be easy insured with a Term Life Plan.


Benefits of our Term Life Plan

Choosing to be easily insured with Insurance Supermarket provides multiple perks like:


A couple enjoying their lifetime of Protection with Term 100 Life Insurance.


Easily Get Insured: Is it for You?

Does it Sound Like Your Situation?

Our Term Life Plan is a simple, flexible, and all-inclusive life insurance solution responding to diverse customer requirements while keeping the process uncomplicated and quick. Whether it's the simplicity, affordability, or the range of coverage amounts, this plan encompasses all the right features to make it an excellent choice for Canadian residents seeking the best life insurance product.

Essentially, if you're a Canadian resident aged 18 to 80 or somebody finding it hard to get coverage due to previous health conditions, then our Term Life Plan is an ideal fit.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for our Term Life Plan is simple. If you're an inhabitant of Canada and aged between 18 and 80, you're eligible for the plan.

Your Coverage Duration

Based on your needs, you can pick a coverage duration from the various options available such as 10, 20, 30 years, or even a lifetime with our Term 100 plan.

10-Day Review Period

We provide a 10-day review period for your policy. That means if you're not fully satisfied with the policy during these first 10 days, we offer a full refund on policy cancellation.


Women comfortably applying for Term Life Plan from home.


Insurance Supermarket: A Progressive Approach To Life Insurance

Keeping up with the times, Insurance Supermarket provides:

Conclusion: You Can Get Insured EASY.

Pre-existing conditions should not worry you when planning for your family's financial stability. With Insurance Supermarket, your family's future is secure. In short, this assurance remains, irrespective of your health history.

Remember, your health should not limit your insurance options. With Insurance Supermarket, opt for easy insurance. Your family deserves security. You can provide it.



Secure the Future Easily with Insurance Supermarket

Ready to embark on a simple, inclusive insurance journey that acknowledges your unique health status? Don't let a health issue interfere with your loved ones' monetary safety.

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Living the fast-paced life while you're young can be thrilling, whether you're chasing new accomplishments, finding interesting job prospects, or bringing your aspirations to fruition. But amidst this thrilling journey, it's crucial to financially equip yourself for an unforeseen future. This is where Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) factors into financial planning in Canada.

This blog post presents a simple guide to understanding the usefulness of AD&D Insurance. Learn what it covers, how it functions, and the importance it holds in ensuring your financial stability. Allow the seasoned experts at Insurance Supermarket to demystify the intricacies of this essential insurance coverage.

Let's explore the realm of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance!

Fundamentals of AD&D Insurance

AD&D Insurance is an insurance plan that pays out in case of accidental death or serious injury resulting in dismemberment. These drastic circumstances can spark intense emotional stress and financial pressure for you or your family.

Considering such a protective measure might be upsetting, but it's a useful security layer, particularly affordable for young adults. And in short, it's crucial to guard against unexpected life events.


Young millennials interested in Canada exploring Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance options from Insurance Supermarket.


How Does AD&D Insurance Work?

Suppose a insured person loses their life in an accident. Or they suffer a covered loss like the loss of limbs or eyesight. In that case, the AD&D policy pays a benefit. This payout can significantly help cover expenses or serve as a financial relief during an incredibly trying time.

Better yet, we at Insurance Supermarket allow extras to your AD&D plans. They include rehabilitation costs and daycare expenses in case of loss of life. Vehicular adjustments for better access are also included, among other benefits.


Female millennial focusing on her future with the secure umbrella of AD&D insurance in Canada.


What’s Covered Under AD&D Insurance?

There's more to AD&D insurance than just accidental death. It covers many things to keep your money safe in different situations. It provides a lump sum payment if an accident results in serious injury or death.

An AD&D insurance policy from Insurance Supermarket provides coverage. It safeguards your financial future against serious incidents, including:

Essentially, if an accident results in a serious injury impeding your normal life, it's likely covered under your AD&D policy.


Young Canadian adults understanding the extensive coverage provided by AD&D Insurance from Insurance Supermarket


Bonus Benefits of AD&D Insurance

Yes, our AD&D Insurance provides financial relief in case of unfortunate incidents. It also includes additional benefits for extra protection.:

These benefits add an extra layer of financial support, enabling the policyholder and their family to better manage unexpected circumstances.


Effortless application process for Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance in Canada with Insurance Supermarket.


Why Opt for AD&D Insurance?

Accidents are unpredictable, yet their financial burdens can be planned for with AD&D Insurance. This is especially relevant for millennials, whose financial stability may still be developing. An accidental disability could result in profound financial strain, deferring life plans. AD&D Insurance is a supportive beacon during these difficult times.

Using Insurance Supermarket, the application process is paperless, simple, and trouble-free.


Young professional millennial making AD&D insurance a priority for their future financial security.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Canada: The Bottom Line

Considering life's unforeseen twists, investing in Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance proves an intelligent choice. Particularly for Canadian millennials leading dynamic and sometimes daredevil lifestyles, AD&D Insurance offers a financial safety blanket against unexpected misfortunes.

Trust Insurance Supermarket to protect you against life's unanticipated hurdles. Assure your future, and savor the present, without worrying!



Securing Peace of Mind with AD&D Insurance from Insurance Supermarket

In a world that continues to evolve and expose us to new risks, accidental coverage is a vital financial safety line. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance from Insurance Supermarket empowers you to secure your financial future. Don't wait for tomorrow, start today!

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As a vibrant young adult, you're probably just taking the first step into your career or exploring life's endless possibilities. Amid all these thrilling experiences, finding affordable life insurance for young adults might not be at the top of your to-do list. But let's tell you why it should be! Investing early in life insurance can offer you an inexpensive, long-term financial bedrock.

This blog post will uncover the notion of affordable life insurance for young adults, highlight its benefits, guide you in choosing the right one, and show you why it’s a wise investment. By reading this, you'll understand the significance of early investment in life insurance to maintain your financial stability and get the relief of having future insurance.

Let the journey begin!

Decoding Life Insurance for Young Adults

Picking the right insurance policy can often feel overwhelming. However, knowing the benefits of early life insurance investment can guide you to an enlightened decision.

Remember, it's never too early to plan your financial future. Life insurance policies for young adults come with inexpensive premiums, largely thanks to you having lower health risks from your young age. Better yet, this also means you're likely to get approved for higher coverage.


Young Canadian adults having a peace of mind knowing their future is secure with affordable life insurance.


Why are Life Insurance Rates Affordable for Young Adults?

The affordability of life insurance for young adults primarily lies in the decreased risk. Typically, young adults tend to have fewer health issues, leading to reduced premium rates. These lower premiums, coupled with long-term gains, make life insurance an attractive and smart investment for your financial future.

Flexible Insurance Options

Life insurance for young adults comes in many shapes and sizes, designed to fit your unique lifestyle & budget. Insurance Supermarket offers a wide variety of life insurance options from our budget-friendly Term Life Insurance to AD&D Plans and Critical Illness Plans, each catering to the unique protection needed by young adults.

Lower Premiums & High Coverage

Young adults generally get the best insurance rates. You pose a lower risk for insurers, enabling them to offer high coverage for relatively low premiums. These attractive prices make life insurance the perfect first step in building a financial stronghold.


Young Canadian adults researching affordable life insurance policies online.


Modern & Simplified Processes

Insurtech companies like Insurance Supermarket have digitized the traditional approaches and introduced easy-to-use platforms for young adults. You no longer have to tackle tedious paperwork and tiresome procedures. Instead, enjoy the convenience of a quick, simple, and efficient online insurance application.

Guard Against Future Health Risks

Even if comprehensive coverage doesn't seem necessary now, securing a life insurance policy early helps shield against future health issues. It’s a proactive strategy ensuring your protection, irrespective of potential health complications that may come your way in the future.


Young adult shielding against future health risks with early life insurance investment.


Key Benefits of Life Insurance for Young Adults

In short, investing in life insurance at a young age can supply a multitude of benefits. As a young adult, you can enjoy lower premiums, higher coverage, simple processes, and a shield against future health risks. Not convinced yet? Let's unpack these benefits.


Young adults realizing the benefits of investing in life insurance early.



Gearing up early with a budget-friendly life insurance policy can solidify your financial future. Young adults reap the benefits of lower premiums, extensive coverage and the peace of mind, knowing they've taken a significant stride towards financial security. Investing early in life insurance sets the wheel in motion for a promising financial future.



Embrace a Secure Future with Affordable Life Insurance for Young Adults

Want to find out why ISI should be your insurance provider? Let's delve into the details:

Are you ready to lay the foundation of your financial future? With Insurance Supermarket’s palette of affordable life insurance plans, it's ever so easy and pocket-friendly to make that pivotal decision. Why let the concerns of tomorrow hamper the life you're crafting today?

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As you step into adulthood, responsibilities begin to mount and planning for your future becomes crucial. You might think that life insurance isn't a need right now, but it's good to know that starting early can be a smart move. This blog post seeks to shed light on various life insurance options for young adults, and why they can affect your financial stability.

The more you understand life insurance and how it works, the better the decisions you'll make about which policy is right for your future plan. So, let's unwrap this financial safety net and see how it can help protect your future today and for many more years down the line.

Get ready, it's time to jump in!

The Value of Early Planning

It might be hard for young people to see why getting life insurance early makes sense. Three reasons make it very important:

  1. First off, the cost of the policy is lower when you are young and in good health, making it an easy-on-the-pocket investment
  2. Next, life can sometimes throw curveballs — that's when an insurance safety blanket gives you the peace of mind you need
  3. Lastly, life insurance gives more than just a payout after death — some policies promise to return your paid premium if you outlive the term of the policy


Young adults planning early to secure future financial stability through life insurance.


Understanding Different Life Insurance Options for Young Adults

It's important to be well-informed about life insurance before making a decision. It's a crucial step in making the right choice. Here's a brief description of the various products offered by Insurance Supermarket, including Term Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance Plan

Our Term Life Insurance Plan provides simple, affordable, and flexible options that fit into any budget. Depending on your choice, you can be covered for 10, 20, 30 years, or even a lifetime. The coverage amounts range from $1,000 to $1,000,000. But best of all, you don't even need a medical examination to qualify! This plan is perfect for young adults who are thinking about their future. It can help protect your mortgage, ensure your children's education, and bring peace of mind to your loved ones.

LEARN MORE: Term Life Insurance


Young man purchasing term life insurance online to maximize his financial security early.


AD&D Plans

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plans provide a significant financial safety net if you get seriously hurt or die in an accidental incident. This can be bought as a rider to augment existing coverage, or as a standalone product. It offers a quick payout up to $250,000 and includes extra benefits for such as rehabilitation, bereavement, and day care benefits, making it an ideal add-on to your term life insurance policy.

LEARN MORE: Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Critical Illness Plans

If diagnosed with severe illnesses like cancer, heart attack, or stroke, a Critical Illness Plan instantly pays you cash. Moreover, you can attach this policy to your term life insurance plan or purchase it as a standalone product, just like AD&D coverage. It provides protection up to $50,000. No health checks are needed, and the approval process is fast and easy.

LEARN MORE: Critical Illness Insurance


Young couple reviewing and comparing different life insurance policies online via their tablet.


Why Young Adults Should Get Life Insurance

Getting life insurance is a smart move, especially for young adults.

  1. Firstly, when you're young and healthy, you can spend less money on life insurance. Insurance companies charge less money for young people. So, you can use those savings for other important things.
  2. Secondly, life can surprise us sometimes. What if you get sick? Or have an accident? Sadly, these things can and do happen. But with life insurance and the appropriate riders, you won't have to worry so much. It's like a safety net, there just in case you need it.
  3. Lastly, life insurance isn't just about what happens if you die. Yes, the money will be a big help for your family. But, there's more to it. You will feel good knowing you have protection in place. This peace of mind can make you worry less about the future.

Therefore, getting life insurance when you're young isn't just about saving money. It's about planning for your future, and feeling secure. Because no matter what happens, you know you've got a plan in place. And that's a smart decision.

Picking the Best Policy for You

Life insurance doesn't come in one-fit-all sizes. The best policy for you depends on your lifestyle, how much you can pay, and what you want for your future. Young people usually get more value from cheaper plans like term life insurance. It's also good to have a critical illness rider or AD&D for more safety.


Young woman investing in life insurance policies from her bed to secure financial stability.


In Closing

Getting life insurance as a young adult provides advantages that extend far beyond the simple peace of mind. By planning early, you can lock in lower premium rates, anticipate unexpected life changes, and even see a return on your investment if you outlive the policy term.

With Insurance Supermarket, we offer customizable term life insurance plans with the option to add extra coverage with our AD&D and Critical Illness riders. Take the first step towards a financially sound future by investing in a life insurance plan tailored to your lifestyle and future goals today!

Here's a quick recap of the importance of life insurance for young adults:

Take control of your financial future today with Insurance Supermarket!



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It's never too soon to start planning your financial future. Insurance Supermarket offers a range of life insurance options that can meet the specific needs of young adults at a cost they can afford. Buy a life insurance plan now can help you avoid possible money problems down the line. Take a step today with Insurance Supermarket to secure your financial future!

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One of the biggest problems that young parents face when thinking about life insurance is being overwhelmed with the options. Traditional insurance is known for being complicated, and that has often been a barrier to people purchasing a plan. That’s why we’ve tried to simplify the process by making this list of 5 tips for choosing the right life insurance plan for you. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over 5 different steps you should take to find the plan that’s most suited for your needs. As long as you’re under 75,you can be a candidate for life insurance. Without further ado, here are five top tips to help you choose the perfect life insurance plan for you. 

So let’s get started! 

Woman excited to learn about life insurance

1. Understand Your Situation

When getting something like life insurance, the most important thing is to first know exactly what it is you’re looking for.

The best place to start is to think about what you truly need out of a life insurance plan. Are you trying to keep your family safe until your children are financially independent? Do you need to protect your large assets, such as a house? Or maybe you just want to make sure your end-of-life expenses won’t unnecessarily burden your family? Are you just looking for a simple death benefit or do you want more out of your policy, such as critical illness coverage and/or other living benefits?

Each person has different answers to these questions. What’s important is that you answer them so you know where you stand.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start looking into plans and providers and see which ones align with your needs and goals the best.

2. Research Life Insurance Providers

While many providers sell similar types of policies, where they differ is in the details. It’s extremely important to do your research when shopping around and compare various providers on what they’re offering.

Some insurance companies will be much stricter with eligibility but offer lower rates to those who can qualify. If you’re young and healthy, these might be the best option for you! Others have more accessible policies with lower  eligibility requirements but offer smaller benefits. These companies are great for those who are older or have pre-existing health conditions.(Larger providers such as ISI often have a wide range of products which offer the best of both worlds.)

Don’t forget user reviews! You can’t just stick to reading the policy descriptions that companies are offering. When you buy life insurance, you’re partnering with a company for an extended period of time. So you want to make sure you’re working with the right people. Check your providers’ websites and Google business listing and see what reviews people have left. Higher user reviews are generally a good sign for insurance companies.

Peaceful couple feeling relieved that they have the right life insurance plan

3. Compare Different Policy Types & Pricepoints

There are a variety of life insurance plans out there, because providers are trying to cater to the broadest set of needs and goals for people out there. This can make things complicated to navigate, but if you know your way around the basics, you can narrow down your options pretty fast.

The most important thing to know is the difference between Term life policies and Permanent life policies. Let’s start there.

Term life insurance is a coverage that lasts for a determined period known as a “term”. If you die during your term, your beneficiaries will receive your death benefit. Once the term ends, however, your coverage ends and you’ll need to renew your plan, get a new plan, or you can choose to go uninsured. The biggest advantage of term life insurance is that it is very affordable. But on the flip side, you risk not receiving your death benefit if you outlive your policy’s term.

Permanent life insurance, on the other hand, is lifelong protection. Many permanent life insurance policies also come with more bells and whistles than term insurance, such as investment components. Getting a permanent life plan is a bigger commitment than term life plans. As long as you’re able to pay your premiums, your protection stays. This extra level of security comes with a bigger price tag.

The good news for you is that premiums are partially calculated based on the level of risk you present as a client. Younger people with a healthy lifestyle are usually considered low risk for providers. So if you’re thinking about getting a permanent policy, the price is lowest when you’re young!

4. Ask About Extra Features on Your Policy!

For a lot of people, life insurance is just a cash benefit that you contribute to regularly by paying premiums. And that’s it. But life insurance can be so much more than that! Depending on the plan you choose, you have a wide variety of features that you can choose from to personalize your policy.

To give an example, let’s look at two of our most popular add-ons at Insurance Supermarket: Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Critical Illness. These are extra protections that can be added to your life insurance policy for extra coverage, also known as a rider.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) grants you or your beneficiaries a benefit if you suffer an accidental death or a serious injury. People who live or work in more dangerous circumstances usually find it beneficial to get AD&D. It gives that extra peace of mind they need!

Critical Illness is a rider that covers specific costs associated with a select number of illnesses, like cancer or heart disease. It’ll help cover the heavy medical and caretaking costs that typically come with these serious illnesses.

The best news about these two is that if you’re interested in them, you could even get them as their own plan. But remember that it’s always cheaper to get them as a rider on top of your term of permanent life plan rather than having two separate plans.

Whether it’s your provider or a financial advisor you’re working with, make sure to ask about extra features like riders that might be available to you.

5. Get Expert Advice & Support

When it comes to making the right choice for you and your family, it’s good to get expert advice and support. While it’s good to understand the basics of life insurance before you start evaluating plans, don’t worry, you absolutely don’t need to know ALL the ins an outs. That’s why at ISI, we offer dedicated customer service and qualified insurance advisors that are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

We’ll walk you through the entire process while providing insights and assistance, explain the different types of policies available, and help you decide on the one that best suits you. Reaching out to an advisor can provide you with much needed reassurance and confidence in making the best decision for you and your family.

Young couple happy they purchased life insurance


Finding the right life insurance can be a daunting process for busy young parents. With the right research and advice, you can find a plan that works for you and your family, and, most importantly, provide lasting financial security.

By following the 5 tips for choosing the right life insurance we outlined in this article, you can be much more confident that you’ll make the right choice for you and your family.

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